Aug 16, 2009

Near Hopkinton SP

Nature reflection was taken during a trip west of Boston during peak Fall season in 2006. I decided to explore Hopkinton State Park but was not happy with my production of images there. It was a pretty frustrating photo excursion until I decided to leave the park and drive further along the bordering lake. At a pullout I parked my car and explored a nearby river streaming into the lake. I snapped a few tree reflections directly from the main road overpass but then discovered a path to the left banks of the river. From here things finally turned around. Close-ups of mushroom and leaves, moss covered trees and the peak Fall colors pulled me further and further along the path. About half to three quarters of a mile down the path this unexpected rock formation appeared. I immediately knew that I had a special image in front of me and started working it. The hard part was to find a spot with unlimited view of the rock formation and the Fall colors in the background. Once that spot was found I set up my tripod and camera and framed my image. I choose a mid-range focal length to cut out the boring overcast sky and selected a minimum aperture setting for maximum depth of field. I laid the focus point on the rocks since this was my main object and then started shooting away while bracketing the image to ensure proper exposure. I am always tempted to go back because it is such a great treasure and I feel I haven't explored all possibilities with this image.