Sep 4, 2009

At Stage Harbor

Cape Cod Dinghies was taken at Stage Harbor on Cape Cod last week while returning from an early morning photo excursion to the Herring River where I captured Cape Cod Solitude. At Stage Harbor I pulled out into the parking lot and started to explore this
picturesque harbor. After chatting with some locals and spending a good amount of time capturing some nice fishing gear and small boat reflections at the piers I continued on to Mitchell River on the other side of the road. The morning light was still good and the little boat in the foreground caught my attention immediately because of its bright colors and attractive surroundings. However, arriving at the final composition did not come easy. First I snapped a few close ups of the smaller boat but was not really thrilled with the immediate results. The very next moment I noticed the larger of the two boats in the background and started focusing on this one, composing a couple of photographs. I was much happier with the outcome of this second session. Finally, while moving backwards and away from the scene, I realized the full potential of the two boats together making a great photograph. I got quite exited while positioning my tripod in front of the smaller boat. I arranged the image to cut out any distracting background and to only include the grass and the waters in the frame. I achieved this by setting up the camera with the tripod high enough to eliminate any background distractions. The camera was set to produce best depth of field and sharpness. Finally I was able to push the shutter and capture the Cape Cod Dinghies.

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