Sep 29, 2009

At Home

I found this wonderful sunflower while grocery shopping and brought it home to photograph and explore close up photos opportunities. The very next morning I placed it on our table outside on the porch. The morning sun just peeked between the surrounding trees, streaking the porch and sunflower with light. I arranged the flower pot in a way to optimize lightning. I then grabbed my camera and fully opened the aperture to minimize depth of field. The point of focus was laid on the tip of the sunflower petals. I then locked the focus point and exposure settings by pressing down the release button of the camera half way. For this particular photograph I did not use a tripod because there was no space to set it up without loosing the light. Instead I composed my image by moving my camera around and when arrived at the final composition. I then positioned the camera against the window frame to steady it. I shot a series of images but like this one the best because of its vivid colors, the limited depth of field and the abstract forms.

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