Sep 22, 2009

At Minot Rose Garden

The spiral rose photograph was taken last year in the Minot Rose garden in response to a call for artists by the Brookline Arts Center in conjunction with the Friends of the Minot Rose Garden. The Friends of the Minot Rose garden do such fantastic work maintaining the garden; they cannot be thanked enough! I am often asked if I used a spray device for this photograph to create the rain drops and I always have to say no. If you look closely you will notice that the rain drops are different in size and not evenly distributed. I believe that this effect is difficult to mimic with a water sprayer. Instead I actually planned this photo shoot out because I knew exactly what I was hunting for and what I was going to submit to the jury. I waited for a night of rain to arrive before I went out to the rose garden that morning. I was very delighted when I arrived because everything fell into place for a perfect morning of flower photography. The overcast sky was still present and the roses were still covered in rain drops. Red, yellow, pink, purple, orange; Roses of all colors were just waiting to be photographed. I immediately started shooting, moving from from one motif to the next, and making my way around the garden a few times. Two or three hours later I figured that my job was done for the day; I was ready to go home. For some strange reason I decided to make a final round and that is when I discovered the spiral rose in one of the corners. I do not know how I could have missed it earlier. I set up my tripod for a final shot. Zoomed in on the rose, adjusted the camera setting for maximum depth of field and took a series of close-up photos suitable as decoration photos for any home, office, or wall.

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  1. Your posts are always so informative, excellent piece, I love it.

  2. Glad you like it and that it is informative ... thanks for commenting!