Dec 3, 2018

Massachusetts Sunrise Photography at Scituate Lighthouse

Late last month I visited Scituate Light on Cedar Point in Scituate, Massachusetts. The New England  travels awarded beautiful sunrise light and cloud cover. I approximately arrived 30 minutes before sunrise and immediately made my way up onto the seawall. The first thing that caught my eye as another photographer. After a brief hello I noticed a few lobster cage washed upon the seawall and pebble beach below the lighthouse. I knew that some of those traps would find their way into my photography for a more pleasing composition and as an effective foreground element. It was very exciting that the light of the lighthouse was still shining strong after I set up and started photographing. Unfortunately it didn’t last too long and after two frames the magic of a New England lighthouse beam was over. Nonetheless, two frames were enough to capture this lighthouse image of Old Scituate Light with the seawall and lobster cage in the foreground and a beautiful wee hour sky that provided a dramatic backdrop.

Aperture for this image was f/11 resulting in a 15 seconds exposure time at ISO100. During post processing I adjusted brightness, lighting, saturation and contrast before removing dust spots and sharpening the final image of Scituate Lighthouse.
Good light and happy photo making!



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