Dec 6, 2018

Newest Juergen Roth Galleries Photography Wall Art Mural Installation

This image shows my latest photography wall art mural installation featuring the Burns Bridge in Worcester, Massachusetts at twilight. This bridge with its unique architecture is beautiful illuminated by lights at night. I took 50 individual photos that were stitched in post processing to a single gigantic gigapixel file. The final large photo print was 10 by 14 feet.

Photo Wall Art Murals are digital photo images created from tens or hundreds of photos that are stitched in post processing resulting into a single high-resolution photo image that contains fascinating detail within one brilliant photography wall mural. The final interior design wall art decoration product is comprised of millions of pixels resulting in a high-resolution image file that can be printed super large with amazing image quality. The final high-resolution file ensures that the large wall art prints are crisp and vivid.

Gigapixel Photography images are good for large crowd events and ideal for large and very detailed and landscape, seascape, architecture, and skyline photography wall art prints and interior design projects at airports, hotels, hospitals, healthcare centers lobbies or any other large wall space that requires a unique transformation into art.

Learn more about photo Interior Design Wall Art Murals in high-resolution from Juergen Roth Galleries or Inquire Here with your individual interior design project needs.

Good light and happy photo making!



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