Dec 10, 2018

New England Waterfall Photography of Garwin Falls

New England fall foliage is famous throughout the world and visitors flock to Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island or Connecticut to experience it first hand. Waterfalls make for beautiful photography subjects year-round but particular in the popular fall season. That's the time of year when you find me visiting many of the Most Beautiful Waterfalls of New England. Garwin Falls is one of these New Hampshire waterfall gems. The falls are located in Wilton, NH. On my last visit I was blessed with beautiful light that lit the main waterfall in wonderful tones and hues. As so often in photography, the magic did not last long and I was lucky to have made my way to the spot I had in mind. I was pursuing long exposure photography images with a 6 stop ND filter from Lee Filters when the sun all of a sudden broke through and provided pristine light on the waterfall. I quickly removed the ND filter while praying that the light please last a bit longer. I then installed a B+W polarizing filter, positioned the filter to eliminate unwanted glare and boosting colors and started capturing this magical moment with my camera.

A small aperture at f/22 provided Depth of Field and a 1/5 of a a second shutter speed at ISO100. During post processing I adjusted lighting, contrast, color saturation before sharpening the final New England waterfall photo of Garwin Falls.

This second shot was taking on my way back from above location and shows the waterfall from a different angle with its surrounding environment.

Good light and happy photo making!


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