Mar 13, 2017

Story Behind the Photography Image of Wellesley Hills Isaac Sprague Memorial Tower

Wellesley Hills Isaac Sprague Memorial Tower

Since we moved metro west and a bit further away from Boston I have been exploring and enjoying my new surroundings in Natick, MA. The other night I went to Elm Park which is also known to locals as the clocktower park. The park is home to the beautiful Isaac Sprague Memorial Tower. The tower is a local historic landmark that is on the daily travels of thousands of drivers commuting in and out of the area on Route 9 or Route 16. I stopped by the other night to finally capture this iconic architecture at the blue hour; believe it or not but photographing this historic tower was on my bucket list for about a year. Equipped with a Canon Wide-Angle Lens I started exploring the structure from different perspectives. I took multiple long exposures but the first one turned out to be the best because it shows a couple of the clocks and the lighting was its most exquisite. Shutter speed was 10 seconds at an aperture setting of f/16 and an ISO200 setting. 

During post processing I opened up shadows and turned down highlights and whites, adjusted contrast and color saturation before removing dust spots and sharpening the final image of Wellesley Hills Isaac Sprague Memorial Tower.

Good light and happy photo making!


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