Mar 23, 2017

Creative Photo Adventure: Boston Financial Waterfront District and Boston Harbor Skyline Photography

Fan Pier was always one of my favorite photo locations. The views of the Boston Harbor and the Financial Waterfront District skyline is just one of the best and most exiting The Hub has to offer. It was no difference on my very last visit at this prime skyline photography location. I arrived well before sunset because the weather forecast predicted partial cloudy skies and I was after a photograph that included some sky fire. At sunset the sky turned magical. The clouds were moving fast into the frame from the far upper right but the beautiful red and orange hues were fading slowly but surely. Luckily I was well prepared, equipped and ready to go. A ND filter provided a longer exposure time that created motion blur in the clouds and the harbor water. A split density ND filter balanced the light between the darker foreground and the brighter sunset sky. Aperture was set at f/16 making for a 25 seconds exposure at ISO100. The wide-angle was at 19mm. During my routing digital photography post processing steps I adjusted lighting, contrast, color saturation and removed image imperfections before sharpening the final image of Boston Harbor and Financial Waterfront District.

Good light and happy photo making!


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