Mar 20, 2017

Creative Photo Adventures: "Atlantic Glow" - Maine Seascape Photography

Maine Acadia National Park Photos

Sunrise and sunset are some of my favorite times to explore nature with my camera. The bold colors in the skies combined with a picturesque landscape or beautiful seascape scenery makes for great creative adventures. I captured this sea-view at an undisclosed area in Maine Acadia National Park during the wee hours of the day. I arrived on time before the magic unfolded allowing for setting up at a location that I scouted the day before. The wide-angle lens setting was at 24mm. The aperture for this nature photography image was adjusted to f/22 providing a 1 second exposure time at ISO100. A split neutral density filter balances the darker foreground against the super bright sunrise light. In post I brought back the shadows and tones downed the highlights, adjusted brightness, contrast and saturation before removing dust spots and imperfections. In the final step I sharpened the seascape photo of Atlantic Dawn.     

Good light and happy photo making!


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