Mar 15, 2017

Creative Photo Adventures: Boston Full Worm Moon Skyline Photography

Boston moon rise photography image

Last Sunday night, I experienced a full worm moon rise over Boston and its iconic skyline. I adventured out despite the freezing temperatures, bracing the cold and envisioning a perfect evening to capture this Astronomical Phenomena. Weather forecast called for clear skies and moonrise was predicted for 7pm, only minutes after sunset. I figured the moon would become visible during twilight and make for a beautiful Boston skyline photography composition addition. Based on my research and a bit of scouting I picked the Mass Avenue Bridge as my photo location and best option to capture my vision. Mother Nature didn't let me down. At the blue hour the full moon rose between the office building and across downtown Boston, perfectly to the right of the newly constructed Millennium Tower. In this second photograph I chose a wider view to include the familiar Prudential Center and the John Hancock Tower. The moon appears much smaller due to the wider lens. The moonlight and skyline was beautifully reflected in the Boston Charles River in this Long Exposure Photography image. 

Boston skyline with full worm moon

Good light and happy photo making!


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