Sep 4, 2015

Behind the Image of Cape Cod Oyster Farm

If you head south of Boston on Route 3 you ultimately arrive on Cape Cod, a pristine summer get away and vacation destination for many New Englanders. I often visit the Cape to capture its unique beauty. During my last photo trip I visited Paine's Creek beach and landing. It's a wonderful beach to explore. Get lost on it with your camera or just take a long walk, especially at low tide. The photography opportunities for the local or travel photographer are endless. I returned here to photograph an oyster farm that I discovered last summer. This evening I was greeted with clear skies, low tide and a full moon rising across Cape Cod Bay. The sun was already very low and painting the beach in beautiful hues. I found jellyfish on the beach that beautifully reflected the sunset light. Minutes after sunset, twilight kicked in. I was still working the oyster farming equipment and poaching cases when I noticed the tide slowly creeping in. It was a very exciting moment to experience this natural phenomenon while being far away from civilization in this serene environment out in the bay. As the low tide approached the oyster farm I noticed the cases were reflected in the deepening bay waters. It was perfect timing. I continued photographing until I finally had to give in to Mother Earth so that I wouldn't be cut off dry from land and stranded on a sandbank in the middle of the night. What a delight it was, a moment I will hold forever.

Aperture was f/11, resulting in a 20 seconds exposure time at ISO 100. During my routine post processing I removed dust spots, adjusted lighting, contrast and color saturation before sharpening the final photography picture of Cape Cod Oyster Farm.
Good light and happy photo making!



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