Dec 20, 2014

New York City Skyline Photography

Last week I stayed 3 days and nights in New York City to photograph the Big Apple. The schedule was brutal at times but it was a blast. One location I always had on my mind is the Brooklyn Bridge Park. The park has been restored over the past years and it provides some of the Best Photo Locations in New York City. There is the classic view of the Brooklyn Bridge leading into NYC. Not far from this location is Pier 1. This photography location makes for exceptional skyline photography. It was wood pilings that are perfect as foreground features and to lead the viewer into the image. I was on my own when I arrived before sunset. The weather called for clearing skies with a few lingering clouds. Equipped with a neutral density filter to lengthen exposure times I was able to create silky water effects in the East River and convey cloud movement in the sky while the NYC skyline remained in focus and sharp. 

Aperture in this photo image was set to f/10 resulting in a shutter speed of 20 seconds at ISO400. During post processing I removed dust spot, minimally adjusted lighting, contrast and color saturation before sharpening the final photograph of New York City FIDI.

Good light and happy photo making! 

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