Dec 27, 2014

New York City Skyline Photography from Roosevelt Island

New York - the city that never sleeps and always worth a photo tour. On my last photography trip to the Big Apple I explored multiple popular locations. One I haven't been at twilight before was Roosevelt Island. Roosevelt Island is a small, narrow Island in the East River. The Queensboro Bridge spans across the island and the river connecting Queens and Manhattan. The subway and a tramway connects the Islanders with Manhattan and there is one bridge in Queens that allows for car access. The night I went to Roosevelt Island was partly cloudy and I was expecting the clouds to be illuminated by the city lights at twilight. Ones I found my location with a pleasing composition I had to wait and let the magic begin. Twilight is one of the best times for New York City Skyline Photography. It never disappoints and I love when the night light and city lights merge into a beautiful mix of balanced beauty. The optimum light really does not last that long but it always worth the wait. The above New York City skyline photography image feature two of the most iconic architecture landmarks of New York City; the Chrysler Building and the headquarters of the United Nations. I like how it peaks out of the concrete jungle, all lit up surrounded by other apartment building such as the tall Trump Tower. 

Aperture was set to f/10 resulting in a shutter speed setting of 20 seconds at ISO100. During post processing I cleaned up the image from dust spots, minimally adjusted contrast, lighting and color saturation before sharpening the final image of Iconic Iconic New York City Chrysler Building.

Good light and happy photo making! 

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