Dec 22, 2014

Behind the Image: Historic Gantry Cranes at Gantry Plaza State Park

On my last trip to New York City I had a chance to explore Gantry Plaza State Park in the NYC borough of Queens. Gantry Park is a beautiful urban waterfront park located in Hunters Point, Long Island City, New York. The state park is most famous for its amazing New York City skyline views and historic Gantry Cranes. In the past the restored Gantry cranes were used to load Long Island Railroad rail car floats with industrial goods up and down the East River. The park offers visitors one of the most amazing views of the New York City skyline and the nearby Pepsi Sign is another local New York landmark. Skyline views are unobstructed and make for spectacular photo opportunities at sunrise, sunset or twilight. Despite a clear sky forecast I was greeted by cloud cover that morning and a magical light appearance on the New York skyline only lasted seconds later on. Upon arrival I was destined to incorporate one of the cranes with parts of the skyline into an attractive picture. I know I had a composition that I envisioned when I recognized the Freedom Tower framed by parts of the crane. Using the railing and boardwalk as a foreground feature and inviting the viewer for further exploration and discovery.

Aperture in this historic New York landmarks photo image was set to f/11 resulting in a shutter speed of 15 seconds at ISO100. During post processing I removed dust spot, minimally adjusted lighting, contrast and color saturation before sharpening the final photograph of Gantry Plaza - Long Island City - Queens - NY

Good light and happy photo making! 

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