Jun 12, 2014

How to Maintain the Aesthetic Quality of your Photography Canvas Prints


In my first blog post of this series we discussed how to appropriately protect and clean an Aluminum Metal Print. This weeks topic is taking care of a canvas art print. Taking properly care of your treasured canvas art print is easy! Below are a few tips that will help you to appropriately maintain your fine art investment so you can fully enjoy and appreciate your Canvas Prints for many years to come: 
  • Avoid direct sunlight as it breaks down the paper that the canvas print is printed on. It also may cause discoloration and fading. Use soft lighting such as artificial light to avoid discoloration and break down of the canvas print.
  • Keep moisture in form of humidity low in the area where you hang the artwork. Humidity easily may damage canvas prints as it may cause mold and mildew on the canvas print and eventually resulting in significant damage or total loss of your valuable Photography Art
  • Remove dust carefully and regularly using clean, soft, and dry material as it will negatively impact the aesthetic quality of your canvas print. Avoid using a rough and heavy cloth to wipe away dust. Avoid using chemical cleaners to get rid of dust.
  • Clean dirt spots on a canvas by lightly dampening a clean cloth with water and gently wiping the surface and sides of the canvas print.
  • Do not continuously wipe your Photography Canvas Print too hard in the same area as you may cause damage to the layers of protective coating and ink.
  • Avoid pressing down too hard on the canvas as you may leave an impression that remains permanent.
  • Do not place anything on top of the canvas and avoid laying your canvas print upside down with the artwork facing down. You risk damaging your Artworks and eventually loosing it.

Good light and happy photo making! 



  1. do you have an advice on photos on canvas prints if they better come out glossy or matt? do not have an experience in that field at all.

  2. Hi,

    A matte canvas print provides little glare and therefore it's most suitable for a high contrast photography image that contains a wide display of colors. A gloss canvas print makes the colors of an art photo stand out and pop more - it may give an illusion of deeper and more vibrant tones. Hope this helps - thanks for asking! Juergen www.RothGalleries.com