Jun 3, 2014

Behind the Photography Image: CRI Boathouse in Brighton, MA


Mid May I made my way over to the Charles River in Brighton, Massachusetts. I was determined to knock off another images that I have on my photography bucket list for quite some time now; the Community Rowing boathouse. Trees were in spring green and the Boston weather forecast predicted a clear night and a beautiful sunset. It's a bit of a deserted area and may be well the reason why I have never taken that journey. Any how, upon arrival I made my way through some shrubs to the bank of the Charles River right opposite of the CRI boathouse. The boathouse was designed by Anmahian Winton Architects and in 2010, the modern architecture was awarded the Harleston Parker Medal for the single most beautiful building or other structure built in the metropolitan Boston area. The architects of Anmahian Winton have achieved this with an innovative and sustainable design of the boathouse and exploring abstract commonalities between rowing and architecture.

Twilight always provides amazing photo opportunities for photographers with unique lighting conditions that make for exceptional Skyline Photography pictures. No difference for Charles River boathouse photographs! With tripod in position and a composed picture it only turned out to be a waiting game. Not too long into the wait twilight arrived and I was able to achieve the photo graph I envisioned. While on location I also realized that the boathouse and its boat storage area suites itself for a wonderful Boston Panorama Photography opportunity. I therefore quickly changed gears and because knowing my equipment inside out I was able to take further advantage of the twilight and capture a few frames that I later stitched together in photoshop.

During post processing I removed dust sports, minimally adjusted lighting, contrast and color saturation before sharpening the final images of "Brighton Community Rowing" and "Brighton CRI".  

Good light and happy photo making! Juergen

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