Jun 10, 2014

Behind the Photo of the Boston USS Constitution


We had a nice stretch of beautiful summer weather here in Boston that provided outdoor photographers with beautiful night light and twilight. I took advantage and went over to the Navy Yard in Charlestown, MA to cross off my bucket list one of my longtime image quests, the USS Constitution or Old Ironsides as some like to refer to this historic battleship. The USS Constitution is an impressive and beautiful wooden-hulled, 3-masted ship of the United States Navy. 

Upon arrival the daily gun salute was in full preparation, Boston cruise ships like the Odyssey or the Spirit of Boston were waiting for the ceremony and it took only a few minutes when the cannon was fired. It still scares the heck out of me and makes me appreciate that I do not live in a war zone with my daily life being impacted by gun fires - wow!


Tripod in place and equipped with camera and wide angle lens I explored various angles and perspectives. I finally found a pleasing composition when the waiting game for the perfect light started. From this location I was able to capture the Old Ironsides with the Bunker Hill Monument to its left and in landscape format. In addition a vertical more intimate composition was achieved in vertical format. Later into that photo shoot while twilight was still going strong I heard fireworks going off behind the boat; I could not believe my luck and appreciated this extra twist of fate - what a welcoming delight and surprise! Talking once again about being in the right location at the right time.

During post processing I removed dust sports, minimally adjusted lighting, contrast and color saturation before sharpening the final images of "Boston Fireworks" and "USS Constitution with Bunker Hill Monument".  

Good light and happy photo making!  


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