Apr 28, 2014

Photography Business Tip #5: Building a Successful Online Social Network

Selling photography online is not an easy task. Online marketing and selling photo art takes a serious time commitment to build into an already busy artisan daily life. However, an online presence, selling photography online and offline, and marketing photo art online present great ways for valuable exposure and additional income and sales opportunities. Maintaining and increasing website traffic directly relates to more exposure and subsequently to more online photography sales!


Building an online social network is therefore a crucial aspect for your photography business endeavor. Create accounts with the major players like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn or StumbleUpon. Social networking tools are considered outlets that are build and maintained around your main hubs like your Online Website and Photography Blog. Use these free photography marketing tools wisely to drive quality traffic to your online galleries and photo blog. 


Sharing links with valuable content through Online Social Networking will best fit the bill. Your followers will appreciate not being spammed 24/7 and receiving regular, interesting updates to your gorgeous photo galleries and inspiring pictures, photography blog with tips and behind the image talks, latest art exhibitions, news, or events. Connect with other artists, collectors, decorators, consultants and admires; most important while doing so: Show that there is a person behind the photography artwork, posts and shares. Engage with others, respond to others and try making it interesting - create a buzz about your photography!

Devoting certain times of the day to Online Marketing has suited me best. During this time I interact and communicate with my followers. Organization and time management skills are crucial. Try planning your daily, weekly, monthly routine in advance and maintaining a check list. A good old To Do Check List works wonder: check and respond to emails in the morning and/or evening, write a blog post, 2 or 3 depending on your inspiration, market and share new or old pictures, blog posts, and announcements with your online audience, respond to comments, questions and interact online with others.


Happy connecting and sharing! 


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