Apr 10, 2014

Photography Business Tip #3

Get an affordable and the best Print on Demand web presence to showcase your photography art!

There are many websites that provide a platform to the photo artist but the best is Fine Art America. I consider it the best POD site on the web because of its low annual cost of $30 but even more important of its clean look and customer oriented look and features. The basic account is actually free but I recommend investing the $30 per year as it comes with unlimited uploads. It also get us our “own” customizable website which has limited but sufficient customization features to set up a professional online photographer presence for our photography. More importantly FAA provides the photo artist with many marketing tools like easy to assemble newsletter, social media sharing tools, shopping cart for our Facebook page, coupon codes, promotions … the community of artists is great. The website allows us to create an Photo Blog and add events to share with our online social network communities. It has a clear format and the options to buy photo prints, canvases, metal and acrylic prints are very intuitive and easy to navigate for potential art collectors and buyers. The website is very professional as many customers, friends and art collectors stated in the past. For a more professional appearance of your photography business make sure to get your own web address - mine is www.RothGalleries.com. Fine Art America markets to interior designers through the designer program and its latest feature will revolutionize the photography incensing industry - all at no additional cost!

For the artist, the Artistwebsites.com domain is very simple to use. Basically one needs to upload new artwork, assign prices and start marketing. Providing one creates high quality and appealing photo images one starts selling photography in no time. FAA takes care of printing, framing, matting and shipping for each sale which frees up lots of time that can be used to create more photography or marketing.

Although Fine Art America provides all tools needed for a successful online art business it does not market the artists' work individually. It is solely the artists' responsibility to market their photography and drive traffic and customers to their site which is very crucial for the success of Selling Photos Online.

Besides my popular photography blog I use social media networks like twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Stumbleupon to drive traffic to my Photography Business website.

Long story short: If you are trying to sell art online and don't have a professional looking webpage for your artwork and photography you should consider a web presence for photographers powered by Fine Art America ... it's a Win Win ... sign up for the Free Trial.


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