Apr 18, 2014

Behind the Image: Boston Skyline Panoramic

I often visit East Boston to photograph the Boston Skyline as it provides ample views of the city and its landmarks. It truly excites me when city lights and twilight merge as one and an unforgettable magic unfolds - it never gets old! On my last photo trip I went to a photo location that provides one of the Boston skyline views with downtown and the Boston harbor.

The night was beautiful clear night and the light after sunset was incredible gorgeous. I captured 8 to 10 photographs to be stitched in a panorama when I get home. Panoramic images are always very impressive and I am glad this one worked out beautifully. At home I stitched the images in photoshop and during post processing I also removed dust spots, minimally adjusted lighting, contrast and color saturation before sharpening the final image of Beantown, my very latest Boston Skyline Panorama Photography gallery addition.

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Good light and happy photo making! Juergen

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