Dec 3, 2013

Martha's Vineyard Photography Highlights not to be Missed

Martha’s Vineyard is a 45 minute ferry ride from Woods Whole on Cape Cod. It’s a New England gem of an island for summer vacationers. For photographers it provides ample opportunities to be discovered and photographed throughout the year. The best times to visit are spring, summer and fall. In terms of camera gear one will need a wide angle lens for scenic photography images; a long telezoom lens for more intimate landscape, floral and wildlife photographs. If you like to photograph flowers or critters up close don’t forget to pack your macro lens. A solid tripod for High Quality Photography images, Split ND Filter and a Polarizing Filter round up the gear essentials for a successful photo tour to the Vineyards. In addition a neutral density filter reducing the light by 8 or 10 stops will allow for really long exposures photography with Silky Water Effects.

Photography highlights on Martha’s Vineyards are the Gingerbread Houses where you step back in time. The colorful Victorian houses make for excellent photos and are located in Oak Buff. Edgartown offers a quaint harbor and the picturesque town lures visitors with great shopping and restaurants. Edgartown lighthouse is a short walk from the harbor in a beautiful setting. Gay Head Light above the 150 foot tall Clay Cliffs of Aquinnah is one of the most scenic Lighthouses of New England. Sunset will yield your best photo results.

Good light and happy photo making! Juergen
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