Dec 5, 2013

5 Fog Photo Tips for better Outdoor Photography

Photo Tip #1: The camera meter is easily tricked by fog. Metering without compensation will underexpose the fog photography picture. Therefore we have to adjust the exposure. A good ballpark number is +1 stop and exposure bracket at ½ or 1/3 stops.
Photo Tip #2: The autofocus system of your camera has a hard time finding a focus point in foggy conditions. Switch to manual focus instead and use the magnifying feature, properly adjusting the focus and pinpoint it on the spot.

Photo Tip #3: Incorporating foreground features in our compositions will make for better and more interesting photography images. Ensure your elements in front of your lens are in focus; those elements will become your main subjects while the rest of the composition disappears into the foggy scenery.

Photo Tip #4: Avoid camera shake by using a tripod. One also might increase the ISO setting to increase shutter speeds for a better chance of a quality image when hand-holding the camera. 

Photo Tip #5: Routinely check your lens for water droplets or condensation – keep the gear dry; those droplets do not make for a better photograph.

Good light and happy photo making! Juergen
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