May 6, 2013

Boston Acorn Street of Beacon Hill Night Photography

Last week I visited Beacon Hill, a beautiful hilly neighborhood around the State House. It is famous for its old colonial brick building and romantic streets lit by lanterns.  When pursuing Night Photography and shooting the Boston Skyline  I always try to arrive well before sunset to allow scouting for a suitable location and composition. This particular street stood out because of its beautiful tree blossoms and the wonderful evening light. After capturing this first image I made my way quickly over to famous Acorn Street. This narrow lane paved with cobblestones is located near Louisburg Square, the most prestigious address in Beacon Hill. It is also often mentioned as the most frequently photographed street in the United States of America.

I set up the tripod at a medium height level, equipped my camera with a 24-70mm zoom lens that was adjusted to 70mm. The focus point was laid on the cobblestones not far from my camera to allow for maximum sharpness in the image. Aperture in this second image was f/8 providing a shutter speed of 30 seconds at ISO100. 

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