Mar 20, 2019

Sunrise Photography at Boston Charlestown Monument Avenue

Monument Avenue Charlestown Massachusetts Boston

Monument Avenue is a beautiful street lined with antique lanterns and 19 century brickwork houses located in Charlestown, Massachusetts. This Boston neighborhood gem is hip, charming and has one of my favorite View of Boston Massachusetts. At night the lanterns exhibit a beautiful glow in warm hues, providing guiding lights and leading lines up Breed's Hill to the end of the Freedom Trail, the historic Bunker Hill Monument.

For this particular images I arrived well before sunrise. After several attempts at the bottom of Breed's Hill I worked my way up towards the iconic Boston obelisk. Almost half way up, I found my composition for this landmark photograph. I liked the more intimate view of the monument that allowed to include the stunning 19 century brickwork architecture lining Monument Avenue.

A Canon Mark IV camera with a 24-70mm wide-angle zoom lens was set at 46mm with an aperture of f/11 allowing for an exposure time of 3.2 second at ISO200. During routine post processing I combined three exposure to capture the entire light spectrum, adjusted noise levels, contrast, brightness, saturation before removing image imperfections and sharpening the final photograph of Monument Avenue in Boston Charlestown, MA.

Monument Avenue Boston Charlestown Massachusetts

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