Mar 4, 2019

Beautiful Florida Sunrise Photography at Delray Beach

Delray Beach is famous for its nice beach and equally for its hopping restaurant scene along Atlantic Avenue. I love visiting for a beautiful sunrise and to enjoy tranquility at dawn. Usually I share the beach with a few like-minded people whom mostly watch the sun cross the horizon. I do the same while looking for compositions and snapping a photo here and there.

This morning, partly cloudy skies were in the weather forecast for South Florida.  The beach grass made for a great foreground element while the rising sun beautifully painted the scenery in warm golden hues. The sun burst was created by selecting a small aperture such as f/22 (large f-stop number).

Using a Canon Mark IV camera with a 16-35mm wide-angle lens set at 16mm, an aperture of f/22 allowed for an exposure time of 1/4 second at ISO100. During routine post processing I combined three exposure to capture the entire light spectrum, adjusted noise levels, contrast, brightness, saturation before removing image imperfections and sharpening the final photograph of Delray Beach Sunrise Bliss.

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Good light and happy photo making!



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