Mar 13, 2019

Florida Bird and Sunrise Photography at Wakodahatchee Wetlands

Wakodahatchee Wetlands is of the best birding locations in Florida. The abundance of birds amazes me every time I visit this nature photography paradise. At one of my latest travels to this birding hotspot I decided to capture a sunrise here. I picked a spot not far from the entrance along the wooden boardwalk. Upon arrival I was the only bird photographer on location although as closer sunrise approached, as more birding enthusiasts and nature photographers showed up. Tripod, camera and wide angle lens in place I patiently waited for the sunrise magic to unfold. The island and trees in front of me were filled with birds and made for a great foreground element. Clouds and sky burne up beautifully in the wee hours. I decided to incorporate the pavilion to show more of the birds environment and what a great spot Wakodahatchee is for birding and bird photography. The Great Blue Heron played along and struck an iconic and  recognizable pose. The other birds kept relatively quiet allowing for a decent exposure in low light.

Using a Canon Mark IV camera with a 16-35mm wide-angle lens set at 16mm, an aperture of f/11 allowed for an exposure time of 1/50 second at ISO100. During routine post processing I combined three exposure to capture the entire light, adjusted noise levels, contrast, brightness, saturation before removing image imperfections and sharpening the final photograph of Sunrise at Wakodahatchee Wetlands.

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