Nov 5, 2018

New England Photography of Fall Foliage at the Bissell Covered Bridge and Mill Brook Waterfall

Fall Foliage at the Bissell Covered Bridge and Mill Brook Waterfall
On one of this years New England fall foliage photo tours to Vermont I made a pit stop at Mill Brook Fall in Charlemont, Massachusetts. This New England waterfall is located below the Bissell Covered Bridge and Mill Brook runs off into a small picturesque gorge downstream of the waterfall. Climbing down to Mill Brook awards the best perspective but it’s a slippery and difficult descend. Watch your steps and hold on to trees and roots to not to trip and fall. Getting back up is even a greater challenge and bares the same difficulty and risks.

Ones at the bottom of the Bissell Bridge and waterfall though there are multiple viewpoints and compositions to be explored. Use your wide-angle lens to capture the entire scenery with Mill Brook in the scenery or a mid-range lens to capture a more intimate landscape photography image. In this picture I zoomed in with my Canon lens to capture a more dominant image of this New England waterfall and eliminated the rather boring overcast skies. On the other hand the overcast sky created a giant softbox that evenly balanced the light beautifully throughout the picture. A Lee polarizing filter slightly extended exposure times into multiple seconds allowing me to capture a sense of motion and Silky Water Effects. More importantly, the polarizer eliminated glare on the rocks and boosted color saturation of the autumn leaves.

Focal length was 30 mm with an aperture was set to f/22 resulting into a slow shutter speed of 1 second at ISO100. In post processing I adjusted lighting, contrast, color saturation before removing image imperfections and sharpening the final image of Bissell Covered Bridge

Good light and happy photo making!



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