May 5, 2017

Parliament Inn in Delray Beach: Hidden Paradise and perfect base to Explore Surounding for Nature and Wildlife Photography

Parliament Inn Delray Beach

We stayed a week at one of our favorite places in South Florida; the Parliament Inn in Delray Beach. Delray is a coastal town in Palm Beach County, approximately 40 minutes north of Fort Lauderdale. The Parliament Inn is a hidden paradise with well maintained apartments. The gardening and landscaping are spectacular and the outdoor pool area provide an relaxing environment to completely chill. The Atlantic Ocean and beach is only 5 minutes away by foot and makes for great sunrise and sunset adventures. The surrounding areas like Lotchahatchee Wildlife Refuge, Green Cay or Wakodahatchee Wetlands allow for plenty of nature and wildlife exploration in short driving distance. Can't wait to get back.

Sunset at Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge

Good light and happy photo making!


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