Dec 20, 2016

Abstract Nature Photography of Dappled Dreams

Finding and photographing abstraction in nature is always very enticing. When I am out and about I often look for various forms, shapes and colors that work naturally within an abstract Nature Photography composition. This autumn I encountered a fall foliage reflection in Lake Waban. The foliage was painted by the early sunset light in warm hues and beautifully reflected in the lake. The lily pads throughout the picture provided some visual anchor and clues for the viewer. Equipped with my Canon 5d Mark IV and a Canon 70-200mm telephoto zoom lens set at 200mm I isolated a small section of the fall foliage reflection. The narrow composition allowed to mainly focus on the red tree foliage reflection while the darker top third of the picture provided some interesting contrast.

During post processing I removed unwanted dust spots and image imperfection before making minor adjustments to lighting, contrast, vibrancy and color saturation. The final step involved sharpening the final image of Dappled Dreams.

Good light and happy photo making!


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