Aug 1, 2016

What is the tallest Skyscraper in Boston?

1. John Hancock Tower

The John Hancock Tower is the tallest skyscraper in Boston at 790 feet and 60 floors. The tower was recently renamed to 200 Clarendon. It is also known as the Plywood Palace or John Hancock Building. This jewel of modern architecture is best photographed from Memorial Drive or the parking garage at the Museum of Science. In both locations one can create beautiful reflections of the tower in the Charles River. I like to capture the tallest building with the second tallest skyscraper in Boston.
2. Boston Prudential Center

The Pru is the second largest building in Boston at 750 feet tall and 52 floors. I really like the facades of this 1968 constructed building and how it towers over Back Bay. As 200 Clarendon, the Boston Prudential Center is best photographed from the Cambridge side of the Charles River and the parking garage of the Museum of Science.
3. The Millennium Tower

The Millennium Tower in Boston was recently constructed at downtown crossing and reaches 690 feet into the sky across 60 floors. This modern skyscraper is also know now as Millie and it blends beautifully in the existing Boston skyline. I am still exploring the best locations to photograph this new architectural gem but Memorial Drive is definitely on that list.

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