Aug 5, 2016

Behind the Boston Skyline Photo Image: Millie and Charles River Sailboats

The Boston Charles River is famous for its stunning views of Beacon Hill and the Back Bay skyline. Many travel and local photographers are drawn to this hot spot in Cambridge. I am no different and I stop on Memorial Drive regularly, chasing the light for my next picture for my Boston Photos galleries. During my last Boston photo tour I arrived well before sunset and people in sailboats, kayaks, small motor boats and on paddle boats were still enjoying a beautiful summer day on the waters.

I set up on memorial Drive, not far from the Massachusetts Avenue bridge, for stunning views of the familiar Boston architecture and the new Millennium Tower at downtown crossing. Known as Millie, the building is a newcomer in the Boston cityscape and is the third Tallest Skyscraper in Boston. I incorporated sailboats and the skyline reflections as foreground features while the main subject of the Boston skyline was struck by the last light of the day, painting the city in warm hues. Aperture was set to f/11 resulting in an exposure time of 1/50 of a second at ISO200. A hand-held split neutral density filter balanced the darker Charles River scenery and skyline against the brighter sunset sky.

During post processing I followed my my routine workflow removing dust spots and imperfections, adjusting lighting, contrast and color saturation before sharpening the final Boston Charles River skyline photography image "Charles River Sailboats with Boston Millennium Tower".     
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Good light and happy photo making!


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