Mar 2, 2016

Welcome to New York City

Pier 1 is one of the best New York City photo location for dramatic and scenic photography. This location provides superb skyline views of the Big Apple and FIDI. The waterfront park is a real New York gem that is loved by the local crowd and tourists alike.

The wood pilings provide a perfect foreground feature to beautifully lead a viewer into the photograph. I was on my own when I arrived before sunset. The weather called for clearing skies with a few lingering clouds. Equipped with a neutral density filter to lengthen exposure times I was able to create dreamy water effects in the East River and convey cloud movement within the sunset sky while the NYC skyline remained in sharp focus. 

Aperture in this NYC photo image was set to f/8 providing an exposure time of 20 seconds at an ISO setting of 200. I combined 3 exposures in photo shop to better convey the strong contrast between darker foreground and the bright sunset sky. During routine digital post processing I removed dust spot, adjusted lighting, contrast and color saturation before sharpening the final photograph of Welcome to NYC.

Good light and happy photo making!


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