Mar 29, 2016

B&W Photos of Boston Skyline and Landmarks

Boston is a great city to call home as a photographer. It provides so many Photo Opportunities. The city has a great skyline that makes for pristine skyline photography. Its historic landmarks and a picturesque mixture of modern and old architecture makes it unique. In my latest attempt I converted some of my most popular Boston Photos into Boston Black and White Photography images - enjoy! 

Good light and happy photo making!


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  1. I like Boston, your photos are amazing. What photo editing app are you using? I often edit photos using I think this is great photo editing software which help you to create amazing black and white photos like a pro.

  2. Hi Anthony, I use photoshop for all my editing. I am not rally into editing too much and rather capture my vision on location and in camera. However, there are always little tweaks that can be done. Glad you like my B7W photography! Happy Thursday, Juergen