Feb 25, 2016

Behind the Photography Image of East Boston Piers Park View of Boston


A few days ago I  made a return trip to Piers Park in East Boston. This park is one of the Best Boston Photo Location as it provides pristine views of the Boston skyline and its harbor. It is always fun to just chill and watch the boats come and go; it is also a great place to watch the people stop by and enjoying the view of the city. I come here quite often to photograph the skyline or create beautiful Boston panorama photography images at dawn or dusk. I often thought to incorporate the pavilion into one of my composition but have not done so yet. This all changed on my last excursion. I arrived early and had some time to explore different perspectives. I finally found one that showed promise. After photographing the city I noticed that the other photographers already left and I took advantage of this opportunity. I used the architecture of the pavilion to lead into the composition and frame the city. The light was still brilliant and I metered on the skyline. I captured 3 images at various exposures that I later combined in photoshop to create a stunning East Boston Piers Park View of Boston. 

Good light and happy photo making!


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