Nov 12, 2015

Behind the Photography Image of Cascading Flume Brook in the New Hampshire White Mountains

New England autumn colors are famous throughout the world and attract people from around the globe that want to experience them. I regularly head out during this glorious season to capture this natural spectacle of colors with my camera. The Flume Gorge in White Mountains of New Hampshire is one of the many scenic area in the Franconia Notch State Park and it has many nature attractions; Table Rock is one of the first to explore on your stop. At this photo hot spot the rushing waters of the Flume Brook have exposed the Conway granite rock 500 feet long by 75 feet wide. The cascades along the way make for exceptional photography. Make sure to bring your tripod and aim for long exposure times to capture the flowing waters as a silky white stream conveying the flow of the brook water. In this nature photography image I decided to go for a more intimate composition, incorporating the small rocks with the cascading waters of Flume Brook while the red leaves convey the time of the year and season. A Polarizing Filter provided the color boost throughout the image by eliminating glare on the wet rocks and leaves. The filter also extended the shutter speed allowing for a long exposure photography image.

A small aperture of f/22 provided the desired Depth of Field and long exposure time of 2.5 seconds at ISO 100.

During routine post processing I cleaned up the picture off imperfections and dust spots, minimally adjusted contrast, lighting and color saturation before sharpening the final image of Flume Brook.
Good light and happy photo making!


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