Mar 10, 2015

New York Empire State Building Panorama Photography - When, Where and How

My last photo tour brought me to the great city of New York. The Big Apple is a never ending inspiration for all arrays of photography. I dedicated my trip mostly to New York skyline photography and sport photography. One night I explored the opportunities around Hoboken, NJ and along Frank Sinatra Drive. It's a great photo location for cityscape photography with many breathtaking views of the NYC. This  New York skyline panorama photography image was taken shortly after sunset during twilight when the city lights and night sky merge and make for best photography results.

Aperture in this panorama photo was set to f/8 and resulted in an exposure time of 20 seconds at ISO100. During post processing in photoshop I removed dust spots, adjusted contrast, lighting and color saturation before sharpening the final image of the Empire State Building.

Good light and happy photo making!


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