Mar 3, 2015

Brooklyn Bridge, Freedom Tower and FIDI Skyline Panorama Photography 

During my last photo tour to New York City I stopped at DUMBO or Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass for some sunrise skyline photography. Lighting was brilliant and a clear sky made for fantastic shooting condition. Even parking wasn't a problem and added to this great experience. I arrived well before sunrise and was able to capture a beautiful panorama picture at twilight. In this second image I patiently waited for the perfect lighting of the historic landmark. About half hour after sunrise the sun beautifully painted the skyline and parts of the bridge in warm hues. The morning sun reflected off the skyscrapers in downtown New York and on the surface of the East River provided for some additional visual interest. The silk water effect was achieved with a neutral density filter that lengthened the exposure time of the photograph.

In this image the aperture was set to f/9 that provided an exposure time of 25 seconds at ISO100. At these long shutter speed a tripod was essential.

Good light and happy photo making!


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