Jan 4, 2015

Cape Ann Seacoast Photography


First day of 2015 I traveled 45 minutes north of Boston to Cape Ann and stopped along the coastline near Rockport, MA for some New England Seacoast Photography at sunset and thereafter. I believe low tide just passed and slowly but surely the ocean was creeping inch by inch back towards the land. Upon arrival at the scene I was able to catch a last glimpse of the sunset light hitting the coastal rocks of Cape Ann. The sunset was amazing and the light it produced was phenomenal; revealing all the texture, nuances and character of this beautiful stretch of nature at the Massachusetts North Shore. The moon rising across the frame made for a nice addition and added additional visual interest to the composition.

Equipped with a neutral density filter to lengthen exposure times for silky water effect and a split ND filter to overcome the high contrast between foreground and bright sky I captured a series of coastal image before the water was getting to close for comfort. In fact I almost got cut off on a small island and barely hopped back on the boulders to dry land.

Aperture in this image was f/11 with an exposure time of 25 seconds at ISO200. During routine image processing I removed dust spots, adjusted lighting, contrast and color saturation before sharpening the final Cape Ann Seacoast photography image.

Good light and happy photo making!


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