Jan 1, 2015

2015 Resolutions for my Photography


It will be hard to top 2014 since it was such an incredible and successful year! However, making plans or new years resolutions are always fun to make - so here it goes: As every year I hope to find the time and make a photo trip up North to Maine Acadia National Park in January, February, March or April. In addition to this big tour there should be a few smaller road trips dedicated to the Green Mountains of Vermont and the White Mountains of New Hampshire. 


I am hoping for some beautiful snow and mountain photography from this area. Florida is also in the discussion but not definite. May, June, July and August will be spend on Insect macro and Flower Photography, Photographing Boston and more photo trips to New York City. A visit to Montreal and Quebec would be a nice addition to that bucket list for the summer 2015 photo tour destinations. 



September and October will be prime times for capturing the famous New England Fall Foliage through many photos. November and December will be good times for lighthouse photos and seacoast photography around Massachusetts and Maine. 


Besides photographing New England I also hope to attend some art fairs, gallery exhibitions and hope to see and meet you in person at one of those art events throughout 2015. Once again, blogging about my exhibitions, art fairs, road trips and photography will be a big part of 2015. Like to stay in touch in 2015 - please join my social network on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or G+ or follow this photo blog by clicking the follow button or submitting your email to stay updated on my whereabouts.


Last but not least I am in the final stretch of completing my first How to Photography eBook which will be loaded with tons of inspiration, behind the photo shoot information and inspiration in forms of plenty of pictures and techniques - stay tuned for that one.

What are your 2015 New Years resolutions?


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