Oct 29, 2014

Rockport, Motif #1 and Bearskin Neck on Cape Ann, Massachusetts


The beautiful seaside village of Rockport, Massachusetts on Cape Ann is most famous for its red fishing shack. This historic landmark is known throughout New England as Motif #1, so called because it is the most often painted building in America. It is located on a small pier off Bearskin Neck. Bearskin Neck hosts many local stores, restaurants, cafes and art galleries. 


This morning I shared the harbor of Rockport with a few fishermen that were leaving the harbor in their quest for the catch of the day. They tested my patience as they were leaving the harbor in their fishing boats and ruining the reflection of this red shack. Luckily the light had not passed and the shack was still sun lit by the warm sunrise light when I was able to capture this iconic New England tourist and local favorite.

Once I was able to capture my vision of the red fishing shack in a photograph I went on to photograph some nautical details and a bunch of dinghies that were beautifully moored. Equipped with along telephoto zoom lens I was able to isolate the dinghies from other boats in the harbor waters. The morning light provided the warm hues of the golden hour that always makes for special Photography. A polarizing filter minimized glare and saturated colors a bit further. The same can be said for the buoys. 

All Massachusetts Northshore images in this photo blog post were post processed in the digital photography lab where I removed dust spots, minimally adjusted lighting, contrast and color saturation, before sharpening the final pictures.

Good Light and happy photo making!


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