Oct 12, 2014

New England Fall Foliage Photography Chances


New Egland fall foliage is in full swing; high and peak colors are reported from Maine to Connecticut and Vermont to Massachusetts. Earlier this season I made a photo trip to the White Mountains in New Hampshire. I visited famous landmarks like the Basin, Profile Lake, the Mount Washington Hotel, Silver Cascades and many other beautiful places off the beaten path. At one point I passed a train bridge and remember thinking how awesome it would be to capture the railroad bridge with a train during peak fall foliage. Once I completed the thought I checked the road in front of me, the traffic in the the back through my rear mirror and after taking a couple additional looks I made a u-turn with caution and headed back to a conveniently located pullout up the street. I figured I set up tripod, camera and gear before checking train travel times on my cell phone. The phone, of course, crapped out on me as there was no signal. Nonetheless I kept trying and soon after I hear a roaring noise coming my way. Excitement started to build, can it be true - nope not the train; instead a couple of Harley Davidson's passing by. Disappointed I turned back to my phone but still no signal. Again, roaring vibes coming my way but now with a train honking that I loved to hear! I jumped for joy, can you imaging my excitement; I was there for 5, maximum 10 minutes and the train came my way. Talking about taking chances, being lucky or at the right place at the right time. I captured the Notch Train at the Conway Scenic Railroad in multiple locations on the bridge but this one was my favorite train conductor looking out of the window provides an anker for the viewer. The autumn are displaying high colors that I saturated with a polarizing filter while taking the picture.


What a scenic way to experience the New England fall foliage. The Notch train travels on tracks that were build in the 1870s. The scenic train ride awards with some of the most dramatic natural scenery in the East as one travels through spectacular Crawford Notch, passing by steep ravines, cascading brooks and streams, panoramic mountain vistas, across Frankenstein Trestle and Willey Brook Bridge. It is a feast for the eye and soul any time of the year but especially during peak New England fall foliage. As one enjoys the train travel through this rugged terrain, one begins to appreciate what a remarkable engineering achievement constructing this railroad was almost 140 years ago.


Good light and happy photo making!

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