Oct 27, 2014

Boston Night Photography


On a late summer night  in August I went to in East Boston, MA which I consider one of the best photography locations for photographing the Boston Skyline. This photo location stands out to me because the views of downtown and the Boston Harbor are one of the best in the city. In a particular area there are also wood pilings from an old pier in the harbor waters that lend themselves for great foreground features adding interest and depth to a cityscape photograph. Effectively used in a composition the pilings also invite viewers into the picture and lead them through the image. The beautiful sunset clouds were racing through the frame and the sky finally cleared towards the end of the day; right in time for twilight. Equipped with a Canon 24-70 mm lens I patiently waited for the twilight to arrive. Twilight is one of my most favorite times of the day and I love when the city lights and twilight are in an undeniable balance providing exceptional photography results.

An ISO 200 setting combined with an aperture of f/11 provided a desired shutter speed of 20 seconds for this Boston Skyline Photography image. During post processing I removed dust spots, minimally adjusted lighting, contrast and color saturation before sharpening the final image of Boston One of a Kind.

Good Light and happy photo making!



  1. Nice picture. Did you do this in HDR or is it a single-exposure shot?

  2. This is a single exposure and jpeg. I captured it a while back and it's an all-time Boston photography favorite of mine. I love how the wooden and fallen piers lead the viewer into Boston. Thanks for commenting!