Sep 7, 2014

MR 20! Message on Boston Prudential Center

On my way home from a Boston Skyline Photography shoot on 06 September 2014 I noticed the Prudential Center being lit up with the message MR 20! when I crossed over the BU bridge. I was quite puzzled by it but immediately decided to stop and capture it in a photograph. It is a familar location that I often frequent when looking to photograph the full moon across the city or Boston at sunrise. I therefore already knew what to expect and how to compose a pleasing photo of Boston with the message on The Pru. I took my time setting up tripod, camera and picked my Canon 70-200mm lens since it allowed for most framing flexibility. I first zoomed in closer at about 200 mm to achieve a more intimating composition of the Prudential Center and 111 Huntington Avenue buildings. The second image at approximately 70 mm focal length allowed for a more open skyline view that included the John Hancock Tower and Citgo sign. Many people asked if I knew what Mister Twenty stood for but I had no idea. I figured there was a concert going on but turns out the Red Sox were in late innings. When I finally made it home I searched the meaning of the mysterious message and turns out it was in honor of Malcolm Rogers, a British-born, American curator and current art director of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. He is retiring after 20 years. I applaud the folks from The Pru - what a great gesture!

Good light and happy photo making!


  1. First of all, Juergen, glorious, fantastic photography ... i love both shots. Night photography remains a bit of a mystery to me ... (I need to be in a city after dark a bit more frequently) ... so I'm always more than a little fascinated and awed when I see it done so well. Secondly, good for you for discovering the meaning behind the mystery of the message ... how fun!!!!

  2. Thanks so very much for commenting on some of my very latest Boston skyline photography images Lois - so glad you enjoyed the story and the photographs! It was quite indeed a bit of an adventure and I love that there was so much hype around it since nobody really knew what it was about. Have a great Monday night! Juergen