Sep 11, 2014

Caring for your Photography Prints

In my first 3 blog posts of this series we discussed how to protect and clean Acrylic Prints, Aluminum Metal Prints and Canvas Prints. In this weeks' last installment we will be discussing how to care for photo prints.  

Museum-quality photography prints are created on acid-free papers with archival inks to guarantee that your prints last a lifetime without fading or loss of color. Matte  paper is long-lasting and versatile. It's ideal for high contrast and crisp reproductions. Glossy finish shows off your photo art with luxuriant depth and vivid colors. 

Beautifully matted and framed fine art photography makes for a great and elegant Interior Design Solution in public areas such as hotel, sports bar, restaurant, lobbies of all kinds and studio settings. Photo prints are also a traditional decoration choice for doctor, dentist and lawyer offices and truly make for spectacular personal gifts. With proper care, photography prints will last for years, so you can fully enjoy and appreciate the artwork for many years to come:

1. Dust your photo print with a clean, soft cloth to prevent dust buildup. Do not wipe dust spots of with your fingers as it will be very abrasive and scratchy to the surface of your Photography Art.

2. Do not use any cleaning products or water since the chemicals may permanently damage your photography prints.

3. Avoid blowing on your print because you may inadvertently leave water droplets and marks on your photography print. 
4. Keep your photo print out of direct sunlight because sunlight may fade or crack your Photography Prints. Consider rotating prints in direct sunlight location to minimize impact.  

5. Note that ultraviolet light from many fluorescent lamps may cause damage to your photo prints due to alteration of the chemical molecule bonds in inks and chemicals used in the printing process.

6. Do not exhibit your photo print in areas where dust and pollutants are dominant as those conditions may lead to damage in form of discoloration, i.e. cigarette smoke, motor exhausts, smog, fresh paint. 
7. Avoid hanging your photo art in places with great fluctuations in moisture and temperature as it may enhance growth of mold and mildew resulting in significant damage or total loss of your fine art photography investment.  Do not hang you artwork above heaters or fireplaces.

8. Avoid touching the surface of your art print with your hand or fingers because the oils in the skin can cause long term damage.

Good Light and happy photo making!


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