Jun 27, 2013

Macro Photography at the Mass Audubon Broad Meadow Brook Wildlife Sanctuary

Last week I made my first summer trip to the Mass Audubon Broad Meadow Brook Wildlife Sanctuary for insect macro photography. Once more the sanctuary and its little butterfly garden at the entrance did not disappoint. Upon arrival I encountered a few new born grasshoppers which were interesting to watch. They were about half an inch in size and pretty much looked like an exact clone of the full grown Red Legged Locust I photographed last year - just adorable! There were also a few green bottle flies swirling around and to my delight I was able to position tripod and camera near a yellow flower and close striking distance for a fully filled frame. Patience paid off while waiting for one of the flies to return to the flower. One of them posed as a beautiful photo model for a few seconds allowing manual focus on the head of the insect and multiple exposures at various apertures. The aperture adjustments allowed for maximum Depth of Field while the backdrop beautiful submerges in green and yellow. Aperture was set to f/8 providing an Exposure time of 1/125 seconds at ISO100. I purposely underexposed by 1/3 of a stop to boost and saturate colors. Dust spots removal, minimal contrast, lighting and color saturation adjustments were made during post processing before sharpening the final images of this green bottle fly. 

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