Jun 28, 2013

20 Examples of Beautiful Raindrop Tree Leaf and Flower Photography

When I am not hiking or wandering the beautiful state and national parks/sites of the Northeast I keep myself occupied with local flower photography in and around Boston. The Boston parks, arboretums and gardens provide plenty of photo opportunities for the local or visiting photographer. Overcast sky after a rainy day provide ample light that is well balanced with great colors. Raindrops on flowers add fabulous detail to a composition and make for unique flower photography images. This blog post compiles 20 of the best rainy day tree leaf and flower photography images ~ enjoy! 

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  2. Thanks for commenting on my raindrop photography artwork and photography James ~ glad you like it! Happy Monday, Juergen

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  4. Thanks so very much for commenting on my macro photography art Matt ~ glad you like this photography blog post here about raindrops and examples of raindrop photography images! My best, Juergen Juergen