Nov 7, 2011

Macro Photography of a Raindrop

Originally I was shooting for raindrops on leaves in the Boston Arnold Arboretum but the wind made it impossible to capture a sharp image that day. I then started focusing on the ground where I was looking for a raindrop on a blade of grass with a decent background to use. Not far from where I hoped to find raindrop covered leaves, I was able to pin down a decent sized raindrop that was in front of a large orange leaf. As expected the wind was not that imminent at ground level and I exposed multiple images to ensure I capture the colorful autumn like droplet image I had envisioned. The setting is shown above and I originally wrote about the final image, technique and circumstance in my blog "I love the rain". Thought it's worthwhile sharing the tiny landscape setting I found in addition.


  1. I love this Juergen! Such nice detail, and the color is fantastic!

  2. Thanks a ton for commenting on my raindrop photography Rachel. I was lucky to have found this one ... the wind was not as bad at ground level and I was able get away with sharp macro photography capture ... glad you like this one!