Oct 13, 2011

I love the rain

Yesterday it was raining on and off in Boston but nevertheless I made my way over to the Boston Arnold Arboretum for a macro photography shoot. I envisioned the leaves covered in raindrops and knew the overcast sky makes for good close-up photography. My goal was to find some extraordinary raindrops on leaves that I could beautifully frame in a photograph. Last year I found a special area of shrubs in full orange and red fall foliage covered in raindrops. Unfortunately not that lucky this year! Instead I had to put in a little extra work by looking around nearby. I actually was looking for dropped colored leaves on the ground that would make for nice backdrops and secondly for a good sized raindrop that would be the main photographic subject. Finally I stumbled upon a large orange leaf with a good sized raindrop on a blade of grass in front of it; perfect I thought! It's truly amazing what nature offers when one looks carefully around. I tried multiple compositions from all angles but settled on a side view that allowed me to use the orange leaf as a full background. With the tripod and camera lowered to ground level, I adjusted the aperture setting to f/16 for maximum Depth of Field. The slightly windy conditions turned out to be quite the problem. I had to sacrifice a low ISO setting for a faster shutter speed and changed the ISO from 100 to 400, providing me with an exposure time of 1/4 second. I then used the camera self timer to minimize camera shake and enhance picture quality. During the post processing process, I removed dust spots, minimally adjusted contrast, lighting, and color saturation before sharpening the final image of Another World. It's raining ... it's pouring ... but I ain't complaining 'cause I love the rain ...