Oct 16, 2011

First Light Seacoast Photography

Witnessing a sunrise is always very special but becomes magical in Maine Acadia National Park. This time I was destined to capture one of this moments with my camera and made my way out to famous Monument Cove in the early wee hours. I was one with nature and deers were greeting me along the scenic park loop road. I figured somewhere in the woods a black bear or owl must watch me pass by. While driving to my location I was thinking of climbing down to Monument Cove to shoot abstracts of Green Pebbles at sunrise. But as often in my photography, after arrival, I changed plans and followed my photographic instincts. Instead of stumbling down into the cove I decided to make my way over to the granite rock seacoast above the cove. There was one other photographer in the same area and I later found out that Tony Sweet was working the green pebbles in Monument Cove. I immediately looked around for a suitable foreground feature to convey depth and perspective of the rigid seacoast at sunrise. It did not require much of a search to find a great setting. With the First Light striking the granite rock formation in front of me I started releasing the shutter. In this seacoast photography image I had set the aperture to f/14 and chose an ISO100 setting that provided me with a 20 second exposure time. I used a graduated neutral density filter to overcome the high contrast of foreground and sky. During post processing I slightly adjusted contrast, lighting, and color saturation before sharpening and saving the image. So glad I went and changed plans ...


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